Product Advantages 产品优  Air-Q Other airways
* Heel of mask cuff 喉罩前气囊 Built-up for improved seal 
是否密闭 Yes No
* elevation Ramp (built intoairway outlet,) 
内置入气道斜坡 Facilitates placement, directs ET tube toward laryngeal inlet 
便于放置,连接喉管入  Yes No
*Tethered connector to tube 
接头连接管 To avoid misplacing the connector while in use 
为防止在使用时乱放丢 Yes No
*Built-in Bite Block 
内置防咬线 -easier to place 易于放置
-reinforces the tube 加固管壁 
-diminishes the need for 

separate bite block

无须安置牙垫 Yes No 
* Mask tip with recessed front that approximates shape of posterior pharynx. 
末端凹陷,贴合喉腔生理曲线 Easier positioning and improved airway alignment. 
改善气道,易于定位、调整 Yes No 
* Specially-designed ridges inside mask cavity 特别设计内置罩面腔
Provides lateral stability to help prevent tip from bending backward and improves mask seat 
横向稳固,防止面罩向后弯曲,提高了罩面位置 Yes No 
* Keyhole-shaped airway outlet. 锁眼型气道出口
Elevates epiglottis to provide unobstructed access to laryngeal inlet. 
提升咽喉部,通畅会厌部管道 Yes No 
* Removable, color-coded tethered connector for direct access to airway tube. 
可拆卸式导气管街头,颜色区分编码 Allows intubation through tube airway tube. 
with any standard ET tube 
允许通过任意标准的ET管 Yes No 
* Facilitates intubation, eliminates duplicate inventories and costly special ET tubes 


成本效益 Yes No

Color Coded - 6 disposable air-Q available sizes (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 ) . Can be used for most adults, pediatric and infant patients. Generally the 3.5 is used on small adults or female patients and the 4.5 is used on large adults or male patients. They are available in1/2 sizes since these fit a broader range of patients. Reusable air-Q is available in 4 sizes (2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5). 

Air-Q共有6种不同颜色对应不同尺寸规格的喉罩(1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 ). 可适用于大多数成年人、儿童br> 和婴幼儿患者。一般来说,3.5规格用于青少年或女性患者,4.5规格用于普通成年人或成年男性。br> 一般人可使用于1或2个尺寸,所以AIR-Q喉罩适用于的病人更广泛。非一次性air-Q喉罩有br> 4种规格(2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5). 

Designed by an anesthesiologist following 8 years of clinical research. 

喉罩经过了长达8年 专业麻醉师的临床研究。 

Infant sizes were designed specifically for the pediatric anatomy - not just miniature versions of adult airways. 


The air-Q should be used routinely as a classic passive airway. The air-Q is user-friendly, placement in patients 

is easy and air movement is outstanding. 
喉罩应被常规用于高水准的人工气道。 Air-Q使用便捷,易于安放并且是气体流通无阻。 

It has the added benefit of allowing for intubation using standard ET tubes: In addition to delivering oxygen and /or gas to the patient, the patented air-Q allows clinicians to intubate through it using a standard oral endotrachealtube (OETT sizes 4.0 - 8.5).


Exit Strategy: Allows for air-Q removal after intubation: The user can easily remove the air-Q without dislodging the ET tube with the air-Q Removal Stylet. Alternatively, clinicians can choose to remove the ET rube andmaintain the air-Q in place as the patient emerges from anesthesia with less bucking and straining with this exit strategy method.


Single-patient-use availability offers convenience of a disposable product while reducing concerns over cross-contamination issues.